Delta Servo Motion System ASDA-A2 Series Provides High Efficiency Turret Tool Solution for German and Italian Customers

Delta’s AC Servo Drive ASDA-A2 Series is a very popular product for motion control applications. Recently, it was successfully applied to a turret tool for German and Italian customers, bringing great benefits and advantages. 

A turret tool is a very important part of a machine tool. It mainly provides multiple tools storage and changing for automated processes. When controlled by a computer program, a turret tool system selects the proper tools for various process tasks, such as engraving, milling, drilling and tapping. As a result, the efficiency, system stability and operation time of a turret tool system directly affects production rates, process lead-times and production costs. 

Most turret tool systems are powered by a motor or hydraulic system and have a bed turret to fetch, change, and place tools in a machining center. It must assure that every tool precisely reaches the desired position. Some tool changing devices in turret tools adopt robot arms, while others don’t, and the placement and arrangement in different turret tools varies as well. 

To fulfill the needs for high-speed motion control for turret tool systems, Delta offered the ASDA A2 series as a turret tool solution for its German and Italian customers. The ASDA-A2 can replace traditional induction motors and gear motors, and it can shorten the automatic tool changing (ATC) period. It makes the system architecture simpler and greatly improves system stability. 

With its E-CAM function that detects tool position and angle, the ASDA-A2 directly controls the bed turret for tool placing and fetching with a fast response speed. This effectively reduces the communication and reaction time between the CNC and ATC, saving more time than a traditional system with induction motors. 

Delta has also launched a more cost-effective turret tool solution that adopts the AC servo drive ASDA-A2R-0721-L/ ASDA-A2R-1021-L and magnetic encoding motor ECMA-C8 Series. The magnetic encoding motors communicate via pulse signals (which the ASDA-A2 doesn’t support) with lower resolution and smaller bandwidth. This solution’s functions are suitable for turret tool control systems, and it is anti-noise, impact resistant, oil proof and cost effective. Many customers appreciate this solution as well. 

Delta’s ASDA-A2 series makes the turret tool system simpler and more stable. In this case, Delta also provided specified program and multiple operation modes for German and Italian customers, which allows easier operation, more convenient adjustment and better system efficiency. In addition, this solution transmits operation data to the main controller for users to master the real-time operation of CNC machine tools. Customers were very satisfied with this solution and its benefits of greater competitiveness.

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