Event Review: A Grand Launch for the Delta C2000 Series AC Motor Drive

The Delta Industrial Automation Business Unit (IABU) just held its grand launch of the Delta C2000 series AC motor drive. In a series of events Delta presented its latest C2000 series AC motor drive along with the AFE2000 series front end unit to partners, distributors, clients and the media. Organized by the Delta IABU AC Motor Drive Division and marketing communications department, the grand launch events were held in northern, central and southern Taiwan during September and October. The more than three hundred guests attending the events were impressed by the IABU's innovative products. 

Stunning New Products
The Delta C2000 series is equipped with advanced functions that are adaptable to many fields. With the support of Delta IABU's state-of-the-art technologies, the C2000 series can achieve up to 500HP (horse power) compared to Delta's most recent VFD-F series AC motor drive which has only 300HP. Yet the greater amount of power doesn't require a bigger chassis. The size of the C2000 series is 1/4 smaller than similar products. This saves on installation space and makes it more convenient for transportation. The through-the-wall installation design of the C2000 series makes it easier for heat dissipation and dustproof operation, and the black reinforced case is suitable for the harshest industrial environments. What's more, the modular design of the C2000 series allows fast detachment, component replacement and expansion. 

The C2000 has an LCD display and easy panel operation. The built-in PLC in the C2000 series allows users to edit and set-up programs according to their needs, and its memory is large enough to save as many programs as needed. This convenient operation platform for drive system management makes the C2000 series more user-friendly than others. In addition, the main station design and built-in DC reactor and RFI filter allows the C2000 series to control eight devices, including the C2000 series AC motor drives, the ASDA-A2 series AC Servo motor drives, and other built-in CANOpen drives at the same time without having to worry about harmonics and noise interference during operation. 

Delta's AFE2000 series front end unit was the other focus of the event. The AFE2000 series is able to store the energy generated when motors slow down, and than reuse the energy while improving power quality. This is an advanced green product that will help customers save energy costs. Many launch attendees appreciated this brand new product and were eager to learn more about it. 

Activity Captures Interest
During the product launch, the IABU's Taiwanese partners, ACE Pillars Co., Ltd. and USE Co., Ltd., gave much support to the event. Over five days, the event attracted more than 300 guests from all around Taiwan, who were interested in the design, features, and applications of the Delta C2000 series AC motor drive and the AFE2000 series front end unit. Besides providing information, the Delta IABU also presented demo machines and live demo kits; and for the very first time, the IABU's AC Motor Drive Division demonstrated the operation of a 3-axes control machine through the C2000 plus one Delta HMI. There was also a set of eight live synchronous AC motor drive demos controlled through CANOpen. The rich content of the launch captivated the attendees; and one said, "I thought Delta's AC Motor Drive products only operated by taking orders from a host controller; but the C2000 series totally changed my mind. There were so many innovative elements added to the C2000 series that it has evolved from an order taking device to a hosting system. I think it's an exciting new product that can compete with European AC motor drive products."

The Delta IABU focused on this grand launch and spent two months to prepare and organize. During the event, the IABU presented as much about the products as possible within the limited time. To show the variety of the C2000 series, the IABU presented a complete range of demo kits in different sizes; the smallest one can be held easily in one hand while the biggest one is as large as a refrigerator. The IABU also put a lot of effort in the presentation's content. Instead of using technical language, the Delta IABU AC Motor Drive Division team conveyed their professional know-how using simple examples and actual numbers. The attendees were impressed by the straightforward presentation. 

The grand launch of the Delta C2000 Series AC Motor Drive was organized at the highest level in all aspects. It was a ground-breaking event in the history of Delta's IABU. Applying the principles of total brand management, the Delta IABU reinforced a strong brand image through this launch, and the attendees were pleased by the events. In addition to the positive brand image, the Delta IABU brought attention to its new C2000 series and AFE2000 series, and many attendees expressed interest in purchasing these two products. 

Global Promotion on the Way
Moving towards the goal of becoming the world's leading energy-saving solution provider, Delta Electronics began its Total Branding Management (TBM) program in 2010 (please go to Delta Industrial Automation e-news vol. 42: Delta Electronics Brand Management: The Way to No.1 for more information). The IABU adheres to the concepts of energy-saving and environmental protection in product design and promotion, including advertisements, catalog, posters, and more. In addition, the IABU cooperated with Delta's corporate communications department on product and event promotion, and invited Taiwan's industrial press to join the event. 

The grand launch of Delta's C2000 Series AC Motor Drive in Taiwan is only the beginning. Delta plans to promote the C2000 series in China, America, Latin America, India and Europe through exhibitions and tradeshows. The IABU looks forward to receiving positive feedback on C2000 series products from around the world. 

Your Best Choice - Delta's Industrial Automation Products
With advanced technology, outstanding product reliability, and continuous effort, Delta's IABU has been successful in building brand awareness for Delta Industrial Automation products over the last 15 years. Today, Delta's IABU is a renowned world-class AC motor drive supplier. This grand launch was a great success in both promotion and sales for the Delta IABU. We continue to provide clients with the best industrial automation products and solutions. The Delta IABU invites you to join us; we are a partner you can trust.

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