Launching of INVT Goodrive200A/Goodrive20 Inverter

A few days ago, after two years’ development and test, INVT’s general purpose Goodrive200A series high performance open-loop vector control inverter and Goodrive20 series mini vector control inverter were officially launched into the market, which fully exhibit INVT’s advanced technologies and applications, and can meet the diversified market demands. Now INVT offers better selection for users with brand-new appearance, smaller size and more excellent performance.

Design as Demands
Goodrive200A is a new generation open-loop vector control inverter with high performance, which can be used to control asynchronous AC induction motor; it adopts the state-of-the-art sensor less vector control technique (SVC) and DSP control system to strengthen the reliability and environmental applicability, the functions are enhanced with more flexibility application and better stability.

1. Excellent open-loop vector control performance, good voltage/current control, multiple protections are provided;
2. Easy to supply water, still work even under power cut, multiple braking modes, simple PLC/multistage velocity/PID control;
3. Diversified terminals and ports with better applicability and functionality;
4. CE certification, excellent EMC characteristics and stable performance;
5. Built-in RS-485 port, support common DC bus, built-in braking unit is a standard accessory for those under 30KW;
6. Separate wind duct design, multiple installation modes, easy to operate and maintain.

Small but Smart
Goodrive20 is a mini vector control inverter for general purpose after economical Goodrive10 inverter that have been highly appraised and recognized by the users, it adopts the state-of-the-art vector control algorithm that features excellent control, wall mounting and rail mounting are available; Goodrive20 is smaller than Goodrive10 in size, it’s a mini vector control inverter with high performance for the low power market.

1. Excellent control
Sensor-less vector control with good control performance;
2. Mini design
Smaller size for less space requiring; plastic case, IP20, wind cooling
3. Diversified communication terminals and ports
Diversified input/output terminals and ports, built-in RS-485 port and braking unit, better to meet the market demands;
4. Diversified installations
Wall mounting and rail mounting, easy for side-by-side installing in the cabinet;
5. Easy to operate and maintain
Comb-shaped wire slot plate, the fan is separately installed, easy to maintain; keyboard with protective film, ordinary LED PNP keyboard and data-copying LED PNP keyboard are optional;
6. Multiple functions for diversified market demands
Simple PLC, multistage velocity control, built-in PID, torque control, V/F curve setting.

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