SINOCHRON motors from ABM Greiffenberger: more efficiency for logistics

In warehouse logistics, fast and reliable material handling is a guarantee of success. ABM Greiffenberger Antriebstechnik GmbH developed the innovative SINOCHRON motors that meet the increased requirements for effective logistic solutions. The highly dynamic motors are extremely energy-efficient and have excellent control characteristics. The ABM innovation demonstrates its strength in the partial load range in particular.

In intralogistics, especially in material handling, more than two out of three drive units are operated in the partial load range. That means that the full torque provided by the motor is applied only briefly for starting the load. Afterwards, drive units usually operate at 20 to 30 percent of the nominal load. This is exactly the range the SINOCHRON drive unit excels in. The decisive factor is a permanently excited synchronous motor without virtually any rotor losses.

Unlike the widely used asynchronous machine, synchronous motors generally stand out due to their high efficiency, great power density and compact format. Conventional synchronous drive units need a speed sensor when operating with a servo controller or frequency converter. Thanks to the special characteristics of the ABM development, SINOCHRON motors are perfectly suited for an operation with sensorless control and thus they represent an economic alternative to expensive servo drive units. At the same time, they stand out against asynchronous motors because of a higher dynamic response and a better efficiency.

The SINOCHRON development excels in efficiency, especially in the partial load range, thanks to the use of high-quality neodymium-iron-boron magnets that prevent rotor losses. A further advantage of the ABM innovation is the high power density, resulting in a smaller construction volume compared to asynchronous motors. In material handling in particular, drive solutions are often installed with high space restrictions. The compact ABM solution can be used efficiently even in case of small system dimensions.

The simple and robust design as well as the omission of a mechanical speed sensor including wiring make the SINOCHRON motor highly reliable also with very harsh environmental conditions, such as in cold stores. The drive unit is designed for use in a temperature range down to minus 30 degrees. A good run-out is another advantage of these motors. They contrast with asynchronous motors due to an approximately double short-time overload capacity. This creates the precondition for choosing a smaller motor in many cases. It does not only reduce installation space but also energy consumption. SINOCHRON motors from ABM Greiffenberger are used as conveyor drive units, in textile and packaging machines, industrial doors, screw compressors and in medical engineering.

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