New servomotor series from Baumüller: DST 45-100

The DSTorque motors of frame sizes 135-315 from Baumüller have been used in applications with great success for the past three years. They are a typical example for consistent implementation of state-of-the-art application-specific drive engineering. With this technological experience, Baumüller has now complemented the product range of its powerful servomotors in a practical way.

A development towards application-specific drive engineering is increasingly identifiable in the area of servomotors. This means that in the future, a single motor design with respect to device volume, torque density or even acceleration capacity will no longer be sufficient for different applications. Rather, the market is already demanding a perfect dimensioning for the specific requirements in different sector of industries.

With the new DST servo series, Baumüller renders the torque motor servo-ready. The development concentrated on increasing the performance data in favor of a higher torque density while drastically reducing the volume of the device at the same time. Nevertheless, the usual speed range up to 4500 rpm remains covered for servomotors. Compared to conventional servomotors, the new DSTs built more compact by up to 30 percent.

Concerning mechanics, the proven properties were adopted. The DST 45-100 also demonstrate the successful core features of their dynamic counterparts, the DSD series. Examples are the smooth surface of the housing design protecting against dirt and the high degree of assembly friendliness, including the high degree of enclosure. As a result, the motors are perfectly suited for application in sensitive industrial environments, such as in the textile, robotics or packaging industry. Based on their electromechanical properties, they are also suited as direct drives, for example, to be able to replace small gear graduations.

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