Baumüllers user-friendly high-efficiency frequency inverters

Baumüller has developed a highly efficient and easy-to-operate frequency inverter for vector control on standard motors: the b maXX 1000 is available in three frame sizes for power ranges from 0.2 to 11 kW.

The b maXX 1000 is ideal for simple and complex applications alike. As well as being incredibly easy to operate (Baumüller was determined to achieve the consistent implementation of a simple unit), this frequency inverter also has numerous built-in protection and overload functions. These include, for example, the standard addition of an EMC filter for compliance with the current EU standard (EN 55011A/second environment). As well as protecting the motor, the ability to detect phase losses on both the line and motor side ensures fault-free operation. Restart on the fly means that machines no longer have to coast to standstill in the event of transient power failures. PID control facilitates rapid response to noise interference and enables speeds to be kept constant. The comprehensive control and data management of the b maXX 1000 constantly provides a precise overview of the current drive status.

Thanks to its 15 different preset speeds, the b maXX 1000 is also equipped for complex applications. Pulse width modulation can be set to between 1 and 15 kHz. This means that the frequency inverter operates with virtually zero noise. It can achieve a rotating field frequency of between 0.1 Hz and 400 Hz, meaning that even multi-pole machines can be operated at high speeds.

The b maXX 1000 does not require a braking resistor. Instead, itfeatures DC braking. Intelligent output current monitoring and automatic energy saving reduce running costs. Auto-tuning optimizes commissioning times. Automatic slip correction means that efficiency is always at its best. A starting torque of 150% makes compensating high breakaway torques simple. The S-curve function in the acceleration and deceleration phases facilitates soft starting, thereby protecting the mechanical system.

Communication with the frequency inverter can be set up on the CANopen open fieldbus system. The automation world’s global communication standard is also compatible for use with the b maXX 1000. Built-in protocols mean that the b maXX 1000 can be used as a motion control slave.

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