Baumüllers DST 45-100 becomes DSC 45-100

In an attempt to capture the specific features of Baumüller’s new series of compact three-phase servo motors more effectively, the DST 45-100 motors that were recently unveiled at SPS/IPC/Drives 2006 are to be renamed DSC 45-100.

When developing the new DSC series, Baumüller’s primary goal was to respond more effectively to the prevailing market requirements in respect of servo drives by bringing to market a servo motor that could combine power with compact dimensions. Therefore, a compromise had to be found in terms of striking the optimum balance between overall length and flexibility while still ensuring maximum torque density. Nevertheless, the typically wide speed setting range required for today’s applications has been retained. In short, it was the combination of these product features that led to the decision to define the new series as a “true servo motor” by calling it DSC (the C stands for compactness).

This series differs markedly from the existing DST 135-315 in terms of its final design. The DST 135-315 motors are, to an even greater extent, optimized for maximum torque density/efficiency. In other words they have been designed to serve as pure torque motors. With optimized speed setting ranges and a large number of poles, these torque motors have enjoyed a high degree of success on the market since they were launched over three years ago. Consequently, they are meeting the requirements of individual application areas in a wide range of sectors.

In view of these factors and in order to make a clear distinction between the two types of motor, Baumüller decided to rename its new servo series prior to starting production. The new name emphasizes the features of the new DSC 45-100 more clearly and will enable users to distinguish more easily between the available products.

The DSC motors cover the standard servo motor speed range of up to 4500 rpm. Compared with conventional servo motors they are up to 30 per cent more compact, but also offer amazing flexibility.

Thanks to their smooth design, easy mounting and high type of protection, they are ideal for applications in harsh industrial environments such as those found in the textiles, robotics or packaging industries.

Both motor series also perform well when used as direct drives, offering a high degree of precision and strength as well as superb dynamic performance, yet still managing to conserve resources.

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