Baumüllers servo motors now available with water cooling

The 71 and 100 frame sizes in the DSC and DSD servo motor ranges are now available with water cooling. The user profits not only from a much higher power density and more flexibility with the machine design. The simultaneous conversion of the DSD range to the DSC housing design also simplifies the integration of both ranges into the same machine concept, thereby improving efficiency.

There are many advantages of water cooling for servo motors from a technical point of view. Compared with the uncooled versions, water-cooled servo motors feature approximately twice the power density and present a real alternative to surface ventilation, should this not be possible due to, for example, certain environmental conditions. Additionally, the noise level and surface temperature of the motor are effectively reduced.

The technical advantages result in considerably higher benefits for the user. The water cooling enables a compact construction of machines, thereby reducing their footprint. Water cooling offers a larger degree of flexibility for the machine design, especially if cooling water is required for the process, for example in plastics machines or machine tools. It also eliminates the problem of fan contamination, which is very important for applications in the textile industry, amongst others.

As well as introducing the water cooling, DSD motors have also been converted to the housing design for DSC motors, thereby standardizing the ranges. For the customer, this will make using these servo motors even more economical. At the same time, it is considerably easier to integrate both ranges into the same machine concept. Both the DSC and DSD motors have a uniform, slim housing design, yet based on their technical characteristics, still fulfill different requirements. Whereas DSD motors are used where a high dynamic performance is required, DSC motors score well due to their high torque density.

Independent of the type of cooling, both ranges are available up to the IP 65 degree of protection. The DSD range will also be available with rotatable motor and encoder connectors, further increasing flexibility in the machine design and ease of installation.

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