Baumüller launches a new generation of high-performance synchronous main drives.

With the new DS2 series, a further development of the tried-and-trusted DS motors with a new cooling concept, Baumüller has extended its range of synchronous motors up to 300 kW. With its innovative water-cooling concept and improved heat transfer, the DS2 motor series now has a nominal capacity that is about 10% higher than that of the DS series. Manufacturers of plastics and forming machines are thus afforded an opportunity to save more construction space. An additional benefit of water cooling is that the water reduces the machine noise, thus necessitating no further means of noise reduction.

Where the local water quality is insufficient for cooling purposes, Baumüller also offers these motors with an air-cooling system. This variant, which has been specially tuned to the requirements of the Asian market, is available in protection classes up to IP54, as are the water-cooled motors.

In addition to its innovative cooling concept, Baumüller was able to increase the speed of its new motor generation to 4000 min-1. With a view to using the DS2 motors for the servo pump, the Nuremberg manufacturer has thus paved the way for new internal gear pumps with higher speeds. By using motor pump combinations with higher speeds, there is a possibility of reducing both the size of the pump and the size of the motor. This serves to increase economic efficiency as well as the productivity of the machine, as a result of lower system inertia.

Innovative cooling concepts and an increase in speed has allowed Baumüller to provide a high-performance and dynamic synchronous motor up to 300 kW, with the DS2 motor generation offering the user increased productivity, cost savings and thus a significant competitive advantage.

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