New Beijer HVAC Inverter H3 takes energy savings to a new level

Beijer Electronics HVAC drives, the HVAC Inverter H3, takes energy savings one step further. The new H3 series increases drive efficiency to more than 98% leading to energy savings and reduced life time costs. 

The proven energy saving helps consumers realize significant savings year upon year. At the same time, it also reduces harmonic current distortion, associated with electronic equipment and traditional variable speed drives, to below 30% iTHD (total harmonic distortion).

The HVAC inverter H3, available from 0.75 kW to 45 kW, provides drive efficiency combined with low input harmonic current distortion compliant with EN61000-3-12. 

The H3 series controls the latest generation of induction motors, as well as permanent magnet AC motors, brushless DC motors and synchronous reluctance motors. Otherwise, the H3 inverter series is identical with the existing H2 regarding functionality, enclosure types, etc.

HVAC Inverter H3 features:

  • 0.75 kW – 45 kW power range; 3 phase input, IP55/IP66
  • Drive efficiency > 98%
  • Low input harmonic current distortion compliant with EN61000-3-12
  • Lower mains supply current - reduced cable size, reduced fuse size, reduced transformer size
  • Improved power factor - no additional charges from the electricity supply company due to low power factor
  • Improved efficiency - reduced lifetime costs. E.g. 37kW, operating 10 hours per day, 5 days per week, 50 weeks per year - power consumption is 92500kWh - 1.1% reduction is >100kWh saving.

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