ADV200 WA: the new gefran ac drive series for HVAC applications and water treatment

Gefran enters in water treatment and HVAC markets with a new family of AC drives designed for HVAC (chillers, heating pumps, dehumidifiers, air heaters) and water treatment (pumping stations, waste water systems, etc…) applications, offering an ideal product for several markets such as industrial, mining, environmental, construction, municipal, marine and Oil & Gas.

The ADV200 WA (Water & Air) range gathers in a single product specific features in order to manage pumps and fans in the most modern and advanced automation systems. The range includes seven different mechanical sizes and offers power scales from 1.5kW up to 1.2MW with universal power supply from 400V to 690V.

The management of the AC drive can be both by the LCD alphanumeric keypad or through the PC Tool GF_eXpress that includes a Graphical User Interface that allows a fast and intuitive configuration and monitoring.

The ADV200 WA enables a tremendous energy cost saving if compared to a traditional fixed speed motor, allowing users to achieve tangible economics advantages.

Moreover, the combined usage of Active Front End Regenerative Power Supply Units AFE200 series enables an additional consumption optimization thanks to the Energy Clean Power solution, where the total harmonic distortion is less than 3% and the power factor is almost unitary.

Integrated EMC filters and chokes allows the reduction of the overall dimensions within the systems, an easier installation and cabling costs cut. A new drive feature enables to balance the load of work in multi-pumps and multi-fans systems, granting a reduced wear of the electromechanical systems and ensuring a long-lasting life of the overall plant thus maximizing the related investment.

Specific controlling features for variable or quadratic loads and set of functions dedicated to HVAC systems (skip resonance frequency and broken belt monitoring) and for pumps (multiple pumps control, snooze mode, minimum operating frequency, pump cleaning operation).

Additional benefits for the operator come from the ad hoc set of Application Macros that allow a tangible reduction of the operating costs and of the time necessary to activate the service during the configuration and commissioning of the system. These macros are configurable by the user via GF eXpress and they offer the right flexibility to address the different service requirements such as: HVAC building management system (BMS); Blower and Exhaust fan to control respectively the flow of air from open air to the room and its extraction from the room; fans control in Cooling towers; Booster pump to cascade control two pumps, a function often required to overcome cavitation issues.

To further customize the AC drive, the Motion Drive Programmable logic controller (MDPlc) tool gives the possibility to create advanced applications through a graphical interface. The operator can write, compile, download the applications, find and correct errors in a development environment compliant to the IEC 61131-3 international standard.

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