Especially designed for applications with high peak loads the new version 19.R6.S1E-910A effectively rounds off the existing program for the temporary energy feedback and provides with the same continuous power a higher overload of 180% (instead of 150% at the previous size 19.R6.S1E-900A).

In applications with intensive cyclic load, as for example storage-retrieval machines, lift systems, hoisting gear, centrifuges or even high-frequency spindles, a smaller size may possibly be installed in the facility, which means for on-board devices less required space as well as lower weight.

For facilities with normal intermittent operation the increased overload offers higher safety reserves for the emergency operations or a higher torque for the emergency stop of individual or several drives with DC-axle interconnection.

With the higher feeding capacity the supply of DC-coupled inverters is improved and additional components, that may have been necessary up to now for parallel feeding of the inverter like decoupling diodes and line reactors, can be omitted.

Thanks to the increased peak load the Peak-Power version charges twice the intermediate circuit capacity up to 10.000 uF compared to the standard version, in order to pre-charge and operate larger DC-interconnection systems with a total power up to the maximum rating of the R6 unit.

A commutating reactor adapted to the increased features (part no. 19.Z1.B05-1001) has three RJ45- outgoing circuits for the parallel operation of up to three KEB COMBIVERT R6 units.

KEB COMBIVERT R6 - the solution for feedback power up to 1000 kVA.

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