LSIS’s iG5A drive achieves largest sales as single product

■ LSIS’s iG5A Drive has sold 2 million units, a first for a domestic company, since it was unveiled in 2003.
■ Total cumulative energy saving amounts to 2,000MW, equivalent to the power generated annually by two nuclear power plants, or the annual power consumption of 220 skyscrapers the size of the “63 Building” or 3 million households. 
■ Compact and highly efficient, the product has been a steady seller in the automation industry for twelve years.
LSIS, South Korea’s representative automation company, has sold a cumulative total of over two million iG5As, its iconic ‘Drive’ brand - the largest sales of a single drive product and a first for any domestic company.

LSIS announced on March 23 that its iG5A Drive, unveiled in 2003, finally surpassed two million units in cumulative sales this month after twelve years on the market.
The iG5A is embedded with high-specification functions that make it compatible among industries, and meets the compact requirements for installation in any space, making it a steady-selling brand.

Drives like the iG5A are key automation devices used not only in industrial facilities but also in air-handling units, pumps, conveyors, and other items of power equipment. They are generally used to change a machine’s power’s voltage and frequency and to control its rotation speed, optimizing the machine’s speed to the production environment in order to save energy.
With the adoption of the iG5A, an average energy saving of as much as 20~35% can be achieved. As such, given 9,000MW, the company’s two million drives are calculated to have saved around 2,000MW of electric energy in total to date. 2,000MW is equivalent to the amount of power generated by two nuclear power plants in one year, or to the annual power consumption of 200 skyscrapers the size of the 63 Building in Yeouido, Seoul, or to that of three million households.

In addition, adoption of the Company’s iG5As has led to a CO2 emission reduction effect equivalent to approximately 4 million tons a year, which is equivalent to the effect of planting 30 million pine trees, attesting to the iG5A’s considerable economic effectiveness and eco-friendly technology.

An LSIS official said, “Overseas sales of the iG5A represent 40% of the total sales of the product, proving the product’s excellent performance globally. The IG5A achieved the first and largest single drive sales of 2 million in the domestic automation industry, proving its global technological excellence and reliability,” adding, “LSIS, led by the Automation Drive Research Institute under the control of its A&D Division, has secured world-class technology. On the occasion of achieving a cumulative sales total of 2 million iG5As, we vow to launch more innovative products to live up to our customers’ expectations.”

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