Air conditioning in agriculture: Frequency inverter from ZIEHL-ABEGG with expanded functions

"We are simplifying the control of electrical systems in agriculture" remarks Peter Fenkl, Chairman of the Board of Ziehl-Abegg. At the EuroTier Exhibition in Hannover (13-16 November) the company is presenting a new generation of frequency inverters that are simple to operate and are also ideal for complex requirements. The installation of these frequency inverters halves the electricity consumption at the same time.

The Fcontrol series frequency inverters are already being successfully deployed. This product range of Fcontrol frequency inverters now has an addition which was tailor-made for the agricultural sector. These new frequency inverters will be appearing on the market as a "1~ Fcontrol". They provide expanded control functions specifically for agriculture. Along with the control of fans or ventilation dampers, the temperature control of piglet nest heating or controlling a heat exchanger is also possible, for instance. "Complex demands can thus be taken care of by one single unit" explains Ziehl-Abegg's controller expert Alexander Heide. 

The new 1~ Fcontrol for stable climate control can be simply operated with 16 function keys. Typical settings of control parameters are then easily and quickly finished. The units can likewise be used for single compartments, as with their networking capability they can take over the control of centralised exhaust air plant with several compartments. 

Previously devices with such extensive functionality were only available as voltage control devices from the Acontrol product family or as UNIcon control modules. The new generation of Fcontrol frequency inverters is perfect for reducing the energy costs in existing installations: "Anyone who replaces voltage control devices with 1~ Fcontrol saves money every day right from the start", emphasises Heide. 

The Fcontrol frequency inverters come standard with an all pole effective sine filter, providing advantages during installation and operation: Shielded motor leads are not necessary; fans do not have to be refurbished for frequency inverter operation; existing old fans can be operated problem-free; the cable length between the Fcontrol and the fan is not restricted by the Fcontrol; as compared with voltage controllers, the Fcontrol saves more than 50 percent of the energy costs, especially in partial load operation. "Along with the functionally expanded frequency inverters, naturally the well-known versions of the frequency inverters are still available" comments Product Manager Heide. 

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