Bonfiglioli Group updates ISO 9001:2015 certification in record time

The Bonfiglioli Group is committed to quality, starting from its company processes, and has demonstrated a natural aptitude for excellence by getting its ISO 9001 certification updated in record time.

 When the latest version of ISO 9001 came out late in 2015, companies already holding ISO 9001:2008 certification were given until 2018 to update their management systems. Well aware of the benefits of implementing the new standard, Bonfiglioli successfully updated its certification in 2017, an achievement of which the Group can be proud, as only 7% of companies holding ISO 9001 certification have updated to the latest version so far.

 The new standard, ISO 9001:2015, has been adopted worldwide for all Bonfiglioli sites (headquarters, 14 plants and 21 branches). The methodology applied to conforming to the requirements of 9001:2015, much appreciated by the team of TUV auditors, included the following: 

• A better understanding of the issues driving decisions, which has made it easier to target projects and define areas for development by giving better consideration to the economic, social, geographic, political and technological factors involved;

• A more critical approach to internal process mapping, which has permitted the analysis of content, the choice and use of tools, and correlations with other processes in different functions;

• The analysis of threats and opportunities, which has helped identify possible problems and permitted the adoption of preventative improvement solutions;

Techniques previously applied to production and design have been extended for the first time to internal management functions. 

 Bonfiglioli has showed how these tools and methods have improved awareness of quality issues and the understanding of company processes. This emerged clearly not only from interviews with personnel but from a significant and progressive reduction in the number of observations issued by the certifying body in recent years (47% down from 2016 and 77% down from 2015). This demonstrates that the Bonfiglioli Group believes that the improvement of solutions offered to customers starts with the improvement of the daily operations and activities of company functions, and how much the Group is investing to ensure such improvement.

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